For Me Subscripitions

We love to spoil our subscription customers!


That's why occasionally we like to send you an extra little gift to brighten your day! You deserve it and you won't want to miss them! 


Step 1.

 Select the frequency that you would like the flowers delivered. The more frequently you order the more money you save.



Having flowers delivered monthly is such a treat, it is something you get to look forward to all month. It might be a congratulations to yourself for working hard and accomplishing all your goals for the month or maybe it is a gift for your wife because you work away and you know she misses you. Or maybe you want to send flowers to your Grandma, she would absolutely love to receive flowers from you once a month, I bet you will soon be the favourite grandchild and she will be telling all her friends you sent her flowers. 


This one is my personal favourite, Need a mid month pick me up? We got you! Receiving flowers fortnightly is the best, it's possible you may forget which week the flowers are supposed to arrive then all of a sudden, you get a knock at your door. SURPRISE! It's your flowers, just what you were needing to get you through your day! 


Oh Yes! How luxurious to have fresh flowers delivered every week. It will keep your home feeling fresh and vibrant. This is such a self care thing to do. You deserve it! Flowers make you feel great, combine this with your dedicated day to self care, where you run a bath, do a facial, and sit back and enjoy your fresh flowers that have been delivered with your favourite movie and wine.