Must be made within 3 days of delivery. Outside of this timeframe we may not be able to answer your complaint. Please contact if you wish to speak to a customer service representative. 


We only send real, live flowers to your recipient. This means eventually the flowers will perish. As a general rule, flowers should last between 3-7 days. You can prolong the life by keeping the flowers out of the heat, out of excessive light, changing the water regularly, and trimming the stems if possible. 


In the event that we do not have the colour or flower that you have chosen, we may replace with a similar colour or flower to the equivalent value to meet the requested delivery times. 


Are subject to the development of the order. 

If the order has already left with a courier, the order can not be cancelled. 

If an order has been placed, you may cancel your order anytime free of charge up to 24 hours before the delivery date. If delivery is scheduled to take place within 24 hours of you cancelling, a $20.00 cancellation fee will apply.


A $15.00 Re-delivery fee will apply to the customer if we need to re-deliver the flowers due to a failed delivery attempt (eg. Locked Gate, Wrong Address supplied by customer). 


In the case that flowers need to be returned due to them perishing before 3 days and the care instructions have been followed. We are able to provide with either a refund or a resend of new flowers. We reserve the right to request photos of the original flowers to confirm the quality of the flowers. 


If we are unable to fulfil your order due to lack or resources or natural disasters we will refund you in full. In the event of a refund being issued, please allow 5 business days.